Hey, Where have I been?

You might notice that my last post was in September of 2010. Before that, I was posting regularly to this blog as part of my consulting company’s brand building strategy. Plus I loved to research tourism trends and opportunities and this blog gave me the soapbox where I could share my thoughts.

And then on September 20th, 2010 I began working at The Corning Museum of Glass as the Tourism Marketing and Sales Manager. Everything from meeting my new staff, traveling to meet new and existing clients and absorbing all there is to know about the world’s largest glass museum took up all my brain power. I can safely say that almost 5 years into my role, I continue to believe I have the world’s greatest job. This is a great organization that encourages (and requires) continual development of skills and technological progress.

My role here has also increased my standing in the tourism world. Last year I was named a top Tourism Professional in the U.S. by the Tour Operator magazine and I was recently named a Top Innovator in the Group Tour industry by Groups Today magazine. I have also gone from being intimidated by the Chinese visitor market to being known as someone who has expertise in developing the growth of that market.

I am excited to be starting up my blog postings again and I hope that the information I share will be helpful to all. After all, tourism is one of the largest business sectors in the United States and international visitors are our country’s largest service export. What used to be a sleepy industry that grew slowly but surely every year has now become a competitive, technology based industry. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you.


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