Are there weddings in your business future?

I worked as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Steamboat Landing, a lakeside banquet and conference center in Canandaigua for three years. I booked the weddings for both our 235 seat banquet room as well as our 110 passenger paddlewheel steamboat. I sat through endless meetings with brides, fiancées and their mothers trying to decide on napkin colors, centerpieces, menus and other arrangements. Some families were painful beyond measure, some were so wonderful I cried at the reception along with everyone else. But there is no doubt that weddings can be a big revenue stream for many locations. The website costofwedding will allow you to get an estimate for all the expenses incurred at a wedding based on the zip code of the wedding location. In Canandaigua, the venue and catering cost averages between $7,520- $12,534, with many weddings ending up paying closer to $20,000 for catering and the venue when you include professional wedding planner services, upscale products and unique services.

The recent economy has encouraged couples to look at unique venues; those that are more cost-effective and less formal. Do you have space that would lend itself to a ceremony? Spring Lake Winery, on the Niagara Wine Trail, has evolved into a wonderful wedding venue. They found that brides would ask if they could hold their ceremony on the grounds, and the business has evolved into a major piece of their website. They also know their strength is their location; they don’t try to provide food service or flowers, or a band. They can provide the wine, and this is a great way to get new people to try their wines.

If you are considering stepping into this world, it is very important to write down all your policies and develop a contract. Brides tend to want everything their way and it helps if you can refer to a document that says you can only accommodate 100 people, or that your town’s noise ordinance requires music to end by 11pm. The Granger Homestead in Canandaigua has one of the best policy and pricing information packets I have ever come across. It is clear and easy to follow. I am sure my friend Lonna, the Director of Marketing and Events at Granger, wouldn’t mind you borrowing some of her wording for your facility.

Weddings can be another way for your property to create revenue. Start slowly, ask questions of other wedding venues and have fun. Or at least write down the stories – only others in the wedding industry will ever believe you!


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